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G-Sync Time & Temperature Displays


The best way to capture people’s attention is to turn the business into a landmark. Having a Time & Temperature display at a business location guarantees to get the business noticed.


The IR99 G-Sync Time & Temperature displays are the perfect tool to make your business sign a landmark and offer an indirect community service at the same time. The G-Sync Time & Temperature displays connect to GPS satellites and synchronize the time with them to display time accurate to micro seconds.


The inbuilt GPS receiver in the G-Sync TT displays synchronizes with 12 GPS satellites at any given point of time to automatically adjust the time second-by-second to the most accurate local time. The G-Sync system automatically adjusts to daylight saving time changes, so you never have to remember to set the clocks to time changes. The temperature display is the most accurate as well with inbuilt multi-point sensors.


Made with the IR99 LED modules the G-Sync time and temperature displays have great visibility even when direct sunlight hits them, because of the unique direct view design of the LEDs with 140° wide viewing angle, enabling them to catch the attention of anyone who passes by.


The IR99 G-Sync Time & Temperature displays are built into the most compact package ever possible, with an overall thickness of 3/4” which lets them to be very easily installed or mounted anywhere - Plastic, Lexan, Metal, Concrete, Brick or Foam, anywhere you want them, outdoors, indoors or even under-water as the IR99 are totally waterproof and weatherproof with a protection rating of IP67.


Unique Features of the G-Sync Time & Temperature Displays:

  • Ultra-bright LEDs visible in any kind of light.

  • Inbuilt GPS reciever automatically synchronizes with Clock Signals from GPS Satellites for time accurate to micro seconds.

  • Works in all time zones around the world.

  • Most accurate temperature sensors.

  • 3/4” Compact & Sleek panels, can be installed anywhere desired.

  • IP67 Rated- Completely weatherproof and waterproof.

  • 3 layer encapsulation absorbs the heat generated by the components and protects the modules from UV rays.

  • 100,000 hours lifespan – Maintenance free long lasting displays.

  • Auto Brightness: Ambient light sensors automatically adjust bridghtess of the display to best suited brightness based on outside light.

  • Low Power Consumption: Highly efficient components consume work on low voltage and consume very low power

  • Made in USA.




Sizes: 12” , 18” & 25” in standard sizes and custom sizes upto 60”

Colors: Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber.

Temperature display: °F or °C

Time Display: 12 Hour & 24 Hour format.

Add-on options: Seconds & Milli Seconds Clocks, Wireless clock signal sharing.


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