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Gone are the days of the conventional plastic copy price signs that are renowned for easily getting damaged, lost or even blown away in the wind. It’s time to make the switch to LED Electronic Fuel Price Signs from Innovity, which gain every driver’s and passerby’s attention, and makes changing the price display increasingly easier for owners and employees.
Innovity has perfected the technology for the ideal solution, the IR99 Series LED Electronic Fuel Price Signs. The IR99 Series Electronic displays are the most advanced and easy to use Electronic Price signs built bottom up with requirements of businesses and users in mind. The IR99 LED Price Signs are very attractive gaining everyone’s attention. They are the most effective tool to drive in more business
Owners and employees no longer have to worry about the outside weather, or have to chase signs blowing away in the wind. The difficulties of changing the prices, manually with the plastic copy price signs, have long gone, and the reliability of our new technology will greatly improve business. It constantly saves valuable employee work hours and is highly time efficient. No matter how many times the price changes a day; this is by far the easiest way to change the price display
Being the easiest to install & operate and with a wide range of colors, sizes and formats available, upgrading to the Digital Price Changers is “as Easy as Pie” with the IR99 LED Price changers from Innovity.
1 USF-25
2 USF-18
3 USF-12
4 USF-8
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