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Displaying prices of hotel rooms and attracting potential customers couldn’t be simpler, with the IR99 LED Electronic Hotel Price Signs from Innovity.

The IR99 Price Signs are very attractive, and can be easily seen by anyone in any weather conditions. They are the perfect, most effective and economical advertising solution to attract more business and fill room vacancies. At a touch of a button, room rates can be changed quickly and easily, allowing the rates to be advertised directly to travelers. Prices can be constantly kept up to date with ease and the weather is no longer a problem for employees, and the signs themselves.


The IR99 LED Hotel Price Signs are available in a variety of standard sizes and colors, which can be easily retrofitted into existing plastic copy signs or built into new signs as easily.


Standard sizes available for the US market are 18" & 25" height digits. Click for details.

1 USH-25
2 USH-18
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