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The slimmest Electronic Programmable Signs ever made


The revolutionary design of our sign and the state of art manufacturing process helped us create the slimmest Electronic programmable sign ever made, just about ¾” thick, giving it the flexibility to be used as a retrofit on existing Plastic Signs  / Canopies or easily implement them in new signs.

Extremely light weight:

The light yet durable construction of the signs makes it very easy to handle and install. The light weight  of the sign allows it to be mounted on existing faces without the need for additional supporting / mounting frames , making the installation faster, easier and economical.


Easy Plug & Play installation:

All our signs feature an easy Plug & Play setup, which allow them to be installed and setup with ease without the hassle of handling any complicated wiring. The setup is so easy, it is completed in minutes and yes you are gonna love it.


Brightest LEDs in the Industry:

Brightest-LEDsOur signs are made with the highest grade LEDs available in the industry with ultra bright light emission and widest viewing angle for clear readability in sunlight. The luminous output of our LEDs are matched to the radiation pattern of white-light for a uniform viewing experience. Our LEDs are made with an advanced optical grade epoxy that offers superior high temperature and moisture resistance performance in harshest weather conditions. The LEDs are encapsulated with special resin with UV inhibitors to minimize the effects of long term exposure to direct sunlight, resulting in stable light output over the life of the lamp hence enhancing the life and performance of the sign for years of use.


Good to Know!!!!
Our LED are at least 20% more brighter and have far wider viewing angle than LEDs conventionally used in outdoor programmable signs.


In addition, the unique design of our panels lets the LEDs exposed directly to the exterior, enhancing the overall brightness and giving at least 30% more clear output, compared to any other sign, against direct sunlight.


iconCautionimage296Traditional LED Signs use glass or plastic sheet to cover the signs to make it useable outdoors, this covering not only reduces the brightness of the sign but against direct sunlight a greater amount of the sun's rays are reflected by the glass, which causes glare and makes the sign barely readable from even shorter distances.


Our sign modules are sealed with high quality silicone which lets the LEDs exposed out without the need for an additional covering for the lamps and components.sign-modules

The Silicone sealed modules and specially designed enclosures makes our sign completely waterproof and weatherproof giving it the ability to sustain all kinds of weather and temperatures from -40F to +150F. The optimal placement of the LEDs and direct exposure provides display with crystal clear visibility in any kind of light.


Low power consumption:

Low-power-consumptionBuilt with superior micro components our signs consume very low power and produce no significant heat extending the life of the sign for years of continuous use.



Easy Operation:

remote_options_iOur signs are available with long range and short range wireless remote control options and PC controlled option with optional remote network control making it very easy to operate and change the display.





Long Life:


The LED Lamps and all other components used in our signs have a minimum lifespan of 1,00,000 hours, which means years of maintenance free operation. The Sign is designed to work in different brightness levels, adjusted manually or automatically based on the ambient outside light, which efficiently saves power and increases the life of the lamps.



Made in the USA


made-in-usaAll our signs are made in the USA at our state-of-the-art production facility in Oxnard CA, monitored by strict quality control standards and thoroughly tested in various manners to ensure quality and consistency, so you know where the products come from and that we are here all the time in case you need any service or support.

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